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Investment Process

To determine the investments that are best for you and your situation, we have a detailed discussion about your needs, goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and cash flow needs.  From here, we review your current investments, suggest any changes or alternatives and implement your approved changes.

We use a Goals Based approach to investing.  This means that our portfolios are designed and reviewed based on your specific needs and goals and risk tolerance as opposed to some financial benchmark like the S&P 500.  Simply put, we want to measure your investment return based on what you need, not the overall “market” returns.

To make sure your investments are the best they can be for you, we use Independent Investment Research by  Morningstar®.  The Morningstar tools help us evaluate all investments on an ongoing basis to help ensure that they continue to be appropriate, best in class, and best for you.

Click Here to View Sample Morningstar® Review Report

To help evaluate your risk tolerance, we use an online risk questionnaire through Riskalyze, a cutting edge, web-based questionnaire developed to find your true risk tolerance.  Comparing your Riskalyze results with your existing portfolio will allow us to see if your investing as you should be.  See an example below:

Riskalyze Roadmap

As with any part of our process, your investments are reviewed on an ongoing basis to help ensure that they continue to be appropriate, efficient and the best of the best for you and your needs.