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Whether you are going through a litigated divorce, working together through mediation or through the Collaborative Divorce process, Mark has specialized knowledge, expertise and training to help you navigate the financial side of divorce.

Divorce can be draining emotionally; it is helpful to have someone like Mark help you make decisions during this time. Financial decisions made during divorce can have a lifelong impact and there are many factors you and your attorney may not be considering as you make your decisions. Mark has helped individuals and couples with these difficult decisions.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Mark is specially trained to help you with the financial decisions in your divorce. Mark has frequently trained financial advisors, attorneys, and mental health professional in the Collaborative Divorce process and is a resource for many professionals in this method of divorce. Mark is also a trained mediator, and while he does not mediate disputes, he feels that his training as a mediator has helped in many facets of his practice, including divorce matters. Mark will work closely with your attorney and other professionals to help you achieve the best potential outcome for you.

As with traditional financial planning, assisting in divorce matters starts with a consultation. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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