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As a leading financial planning firm, Mark Byelich of Attleboro Wealth Management is often sought out by the media to comment on financial topics. Here you can learn more about recent appearances, news coverage and articles that have been either authored by or include coverage, quotes or commentary.

Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia 

Mark discusses 401(k) loans, investment strategy and how to effectively save and invest with Jennaphr Frederick from Fox 29. Good Day Philadelphia

Bucks County Herald 

Let's Talk Financial Planning. Are the Traditional IRA and 401K Obsolete?

TheStreet .com 

Six Financial Blunders and Their Fixes. 

Six Financial Blunders and Their Fixes 

Bankrate Where to invest matured CDs 

SmartMoney Should You Refinance if You're Over 50?

Wall Street Journal

Voices: Mark Byelich, On Principal Protection "We've seen a lot of people suffering losses over the last few years. But there are some different ways to protect clients' principal investments in a down market. Some of those options include structured CDs and principal protected notes. I tend to lean toward the CD options, because they're backed by FDIC protection. Plus, the CDs tend to be cleaner, with fewer fees involved."

Bucks County Herald

Let's Talk Financial Planning. Tough Decisions

FOX 29 "Good Day Philadelphia"

FOX 29 reporter Jenn Frederick seeks M.J. Byelich & Associates' president Mark Byelich's financial advice for newlyweds during a live segment of Good Day Philadelphia. Byelich recommends couples make meeting with a financial advisor a habit, and advises them to be completely honest when assessing their current and future financial situations. Byelich notes some of the most important first steps include establishing an aggressive debt-elimination plan, setting joint financial goals, and staying on track to achieve lifelong goals.

Bloomberg News 

M.J. Byelich & Associates president Mark Byelich's financial expertise is the focal point of Bloomberg News reporter Zeke Faux's coverage of structured products. Byelich offers insight into his business by discussing his use of structured products in clients' portfolios. He sheds light on the process of presenting structured products to clients and details how he evaluates deals with traders.

CNBC The Call

CNBC anchors Larry Kudlow, Melissa Francis, and Trish Regan engage M.J. Byelich & Associates president Mark Byelich in a live roundtable discussion. Byelich reacts to a government proposal which would allow individuals to make penalty-free 401(k) withdrawals if putting the funds toward purchasing a home. Byelich emphatically opposes the idea, saying that rather than encourage detracting from retirement savings, individuals should be given incentives for contributing to their 401(k)s. He says one's home is "only an asset to your heirs or the government, so let's incentivize an individual saver to make contributions to their 401(k), to maximize their 401(k) contributions." readers learn money-saving strategies for college students from Mark Byelich, president of M.J. Byelich & Associates. Byelich identifies the most important financial lessons college-age children must learn before beginning school. He recommends students avoid credit card debt, noting, "debt is the enemy of any plan, of any successful savings plan." Byelich recommends that parents offer incentives to children who make an effort to save money and suggests that parents match their student's savings. He also encourages students learn how to correctly and efficiently budget using free online tools.

FOX 29 "Good Day Philadelphia

Mark Byelich, president of M.J. Byelich & Associates, joins reporter Jenn Frederick for a live segment of FOX 29 "Good Day Philadelphia." Byelich offers financial advice to parents sending their children to college and outlines the most important money lessons students must learn ahead of leaving home. When discussing how to incorporate smart financial practices into the college lifestyle, he emphasizes, "It's practice, practice, practice. You go through and develop a budget. Sometimes you're going to meet your goal, and sometimes you're going to fail, but that's all part of it. You just keep going back until you meet your goal."