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Investment Management

We do it differently than most investment managers. Our investment process is designed to help you eliminate the worry of loss and the fear of missing out in your investment portfolios.

Most investment managers will tell you that they will analyze your goals and your risk comfort, choose appropriate investments and then monitor those investments. That’s it. That is a lot of work for sure, but that is where most investment advisors stop.

We think there is something missing there. We’ve found that a better way to fund your lifetime needs and goals, AND allow for real growth without the constant worry of losing money, is by adding two more steps to investment management: Principal Protection and Account Segmentation.

Of course we do the first three steps. We identify your needs and goals and determine your risk profile. We chose the best, low cost, efficient investments based on Strategic Investment principals. We then monitor these investments on an ongoing basis to make sure they continue to meet your needs goals and objectives and are still the best options out for you.

Then we do more. We determine if it makes sense to use principal protection for a portion of your investments. Principal protection is exactly what it sounds like, an investment that cannot lose any of your principal. These types of structures are available through banks and insurance companies and can allow for modest growth with no risk of loss. How much is protected? That depends on what works for you.

Then we do even more. We determine your appropriate Account Segmentation. Account Segmentation means that we develop a specific investment strategy for each time in your life. We develop and monitor investments more conservatively for the early years and structure different investments for more growth potential for the later years in your life.   Less risk in the beginning and more return for later.   It makes sense doesn’t it?  We think so.

By using principal protection, account segmentation, and a sophisticated and scientific approach to asset allocation and investment selection, we can help significantly reduce your risk while still potentially allowing for the gains you are seeking and require.

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