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Insurance & Long-Term Care

“As a tax advisor, I have to constantly remind people that the single biggest benefit in the tax code is the tax exemption for life insurance. There’s no question that that’s the way to keep most of your money if not all of it protected from taxes forever,” 
- Ed Slott

We will help you determine if Life Insurance and Long-Term Care insurance fit into your plan to help you achieve your needs and goals.

As an independent firm we are only focused on what works best for you. We work with many different insurance companies to allow us to offer you only the best, most appropriate options for you and your needs.

Insurance planning can be complex. Life insurance can help protect you and your loved ones, can potentially offer tax-fee income in retirement, and may be able to help to pay for Long-Term Care if you need it. We help you identify the pros and cons and work to simplify the complex for you.

Long-Term Care is something that every American should be concerned about and something the retirees or those approaching retirement should be actively planning for. The old paradigm of buying expensive Long-Term Care policies is not the only option today. There have been innovations over the years that allow you to pass money on that you do not use for Long-Term care to your heirs. We can help you explore all your options.

 Through our Financial Planning process, we also offer review of Property and Casualty insurance (Homeowners, Umbrella, Auto) for appropriateness and efficiency. We’ve found over the years that some clients are over insured or underinsured, we help you determine what is best and affordable for you.

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